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Food Tours

Eat ,Explore and Enjoy!
Let's Meet Up Tours provides you an authentic culinary and cultural experience through Kolkata's original Guided Food Tours for foodie travelers. As we explore the city's tastiest food, you will enjoy tasting delicious Bengali cuisine, the famous street food of the city of Joy and learn about the culture and local history. Join us for our fun and scrumptious experience known exclusively to locals. It's for all ages!Enjoy the local secrets.

Food Tour Food Tours in Kolkata

Enjoy Kolkata

Our Guided Tour

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Tours outside the City

Outside Tour

Overnite Side Trips from Kolkata

Go to Mandarami Beach (the Goa of East) or drop in on to see the Tiger at Sunderbans, visit Shantiniketan the 'abode of peace and learning' -- you can do more around Kolkata.

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Video Tour