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Kolkata City Tour - The Kolkata alias Calcutta Experience

The Kolkata alias Calcutta Experience is a 7 hour, all-inclusive tour of Kolkata city.

On this tour, our Tour Expert will pick you up from your hotel/nodal point/airport. You will make your way to ‘The Mother House of the Missionary of Charity’ - It is here that mother lived, prayed, worked, guided her pious family of sisters reach across the world and finally laid to rest. Our next visit will be Nirmala Shishu Bhavan (Children’s Home) - each volunteer contributes a drop to the ocean of humanity, and it is undoubtedly true that the ocean would be less without these drops. We will spend some time with these children here.

From here you make your way to St. John’s Church- A leisurely walk through the churchyard is like a history class. On one end of the grounds stands an octagonal structure with an obelisk on top, erected by Lord Curzon in remembrance of the 123 who are supposed to have perished in the Black Hole prison after Siraj-ud-Daula’s siege of Calcutta. Further ahead is the octagonal shape mausoleum of Job Charnock, the supposed founder of our city. We will take a short walk towards Strand road to Millennium Park and take a ferry ride on river Ganges. You get a chance to get some picturesque view of the famous and much-loved Howrah Bridge and capture some of the most beautiful panorama of the city. Thereafter we drive through Dalhousie Square -a Colonial era during the British reign, we pass by Eden gardens, The Governor House (Raj Bhavan), General post office (GPO), Writer’s building, St. Andrew’s Kirk and your guide will provide interesting narration, answer questions and walk you through each exploration stop.

The Kolkata alias Calcutta Experience is a combination of both city as well as river; you will discover Kolkata from every vantage point - as you tour the city by car, by ferry ride; and occasional walk. Now the most interesting part of the tour is a visit to Marble palace (Mondays and Thursdays closed) - is a lavish nineteenth-century mansion in North Kolkata. Or explore New Market- More than a market it’s a historical site.

From here we precede to Kumartulli-Potter’s lane, the centuries old tradition-bound studios of the idol makers ceremonially add life to the goddess Durga by creating her lotus-shaped eyes that wordlessly tell volumes of life divine. You experience a true artistic work of these Kumars. Finally we fix an appointment with her majesty at Victoria memorial- the landmark of Kolkata and you eyewitness the British Raj here.

Start time: 10:00 a.m
Days conducted: Everyday
Duration: 7 hours
Pick up and drop off: Hotel/nodal point/ Airport
Charge: INR. 6000 for 2pax ( minimum 2 pax), every additional person may pay INR 1500.
Includes: Car (Acon), Guide, Entry fees and mineral water.
Excludes: Food, Insurance and Victoria museum charge.
Note: All our tours are shared however If you are a lone traveler and there is no group available for you to join, the Charge is INR 5000 per pax.
* We may customize the tour according to your interest too.

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