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ToursDigha is a most popular sea beach in West Bengal and is also a most attractive tourist spot for family picnic.

Kilometres - 400 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursMandarmani is a calm and quite beach where the sound of the waves are clear. It is a beach resort and a best place to spend time with family.

Kilometres - 380 km To & fro Enquire Now

Machranga Dwip

ToursMachranga Dwip is also called Kingfisher Island. The Island has Bangladesh on one side and India on the other, it is covered with trees which will be an amazing day trip.

Kilometres - 140 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursGadiara trip is a worth seeing place where you see both sunrise and sunset of its vast waterfront resembling a sea.

Kilometres - 170 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursSee the second largest dam in India and also the beautiful confluence of the kumari and kangsabati. People visit here in search of a peaceful vacation.

Kilometres - 540 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursVisit the Poush Mela in Shantiniketan which lasts for six days where you can find Bengali folk music, notably baul music, visit the peaceful place the Ashram, spend some time in the open air class where Rabindranath Tagore use to teach.

Kilometres - 350 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursSpend your day viewing the nine islands which look like eight-petaled Lotus flower and it is called Nawadwipa, and previously Nawadwipa was the capital city of West Bengal.

Kilometres - 300 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursFrasergunj is the power generating location of West Bengal, where fishing is the primary occupation of the locals. It is a peaceful place where you can still hear the cock at dawn and watch ducks puddle around muddy pools.

Kilometres - 260 km To & fro Enquire Now


ToursIt is the Census Town in West Bengal where more the 80% of the population is Literate.

Kilometres - 90 km To & fro Enquire Now

Vehicle Rates

Tours Dzire - 14/km & 140/hour
Innova/Tavera/Scorpio - 16/km & 160/hour
Winger - 25/km & 250/hour
17 Seater Travellar - 35/km & 350/hour
20 Seater Travellar - 40/km & 400/hour
26 Seater Travellar - 45/km & 450/hour

  • Terms and Conditions -
  • 5% GST not included in the above rates.
  • Tolls, Parking charges & Extra expense not included in the above rates.
  • Kilometres to be calculated from Garage Out to Garage In.
  • Extra charge applicable for Night stay.
  • Rates to be charged whichever is higher (Kilometres or Time)
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