Luxury Car Rental in Kolkata

car Toyota Camry/Honda Accord 700 70 100km/10hours 7,000 Book Now
car BMW-3series/Audi-A4 1500 150 100km/10hours 15,000 Book Now
car Audi A6/Mercedes E-class 1800 180 100km/10hours 18,000 Book Now
car BMW-5series/Audi Q-7(SUV) 1900 190 100km/10hours 19000 Book Now
car JAGUAR XF 2800 280 100km/10hours 28,000 Book Now
car BMW-7series/Mercedes S class 2800 280 100km/10hours 28,000 Book Now
car 18 Seater Tempo Traveller 900 90 100km/10hours 9,000 Book Now
car Mercedes Openhood(Convertible) 3,600 360 100km/10hours 36,000 Book Now
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Terms and Conditions:-

1) Time and KM will be calculated from our garage in to garage out.

2) Parking and toll charges will be paid separately by you.

3) 5.00% GST will be chargeable on the total billing.

4) Outstation driver’s allowance charge will be INR 500/- per day as extra.

5) Local Night Charge of INR 750/- will be applicable on Total Billing.

6) If decoration, polishing charge of INR 1200/- will be additional on total billing.

7) Rates are subject to increase if there is any kind of hike in fuel charges or tax.

Cancellation policy: No Cancellation on HIGH END VEHICLES - NO REFUND

Note: The rates are not applicable during festive season.

Stop ogling! Experience the good feeling of Luxury car rental in Kolkata

Imagine that it’s your wedding next month and everything is in order. You are just willing to flaunt nothing but the best in attire, decorations and everything that demands fancy. Your friends would be impressed at the choice of the resort you have arranged for this ceremony. You have got nothing else than the best attire for your very special day. Take a moment to think whether you are missing on something. It's your wedding and ‘thou shall not travel in that 10-year-old hatchback amidst all the glitters’; spoils the fun. Wish to travel extravagantly in a Merc while you head towards your marriage venue? Why don’t you try our luxury car rental in Kolkata?

How does it feel?

Are you an individual who is pleased to gaze at an Audi as it passes your 10-year-old hatch at a blazing fast speed? Do you constantly feel your driving excitement dies down as you wait for the signal to turn green and you are overtaken by a Merc? Let your imagination reign supreme as we give you the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and blissful experience. We present you a host of luxury vehicles that have, for long, occupied your wish list but alas! Your pockets feel lighter as you gaze along the gorgeous curves of a BMW. It’s time to stop thinking and turn your wild dreams into reality with our exclusive luxury car rental in Kolkata. Coming back to the question, obviously, it feels heavenly as you occupy the passenger seat of a Jaguar as it roars its way down the streets of Kolkata. You feel the sudden boost to your confidence, worries come to an end and your journey feels like a never-ending one with the cherry on top. The city appears brighter and vehicles on road seem like mere bumps that demand less attention. Oh Yes! Imagine that proud moment as more than a hundred eyes gaze at your vehicle while you smile your way down through the highway and reach your destination faster than you could have imagined. We can already feel your hearts pounding waiting for that impeccable journey with our Luxury car rental Kolkata.

Why will I need to rent a luxury sedan?

We give you three reasons as to why you should consider opting for a luxury car rental in Kolkata:

  • It is time that you should finally spend less time with your 10-year hatch. Although it touches your heart, it is downright ugly and is probably an embarrassment to be seen with it. Tired of the poor performance and clumsy interiors of your vehicle? Ride in a BMW-5 and know what it is like to taste performance and glory simultaneously.
  • Up for that perfect date and saddened at the thought of taking your old vehicle for a memorable ride with your date? Men love tough toys and our luxury cars we have for offer are perhaps the coveted toys men would die for. Get authentic deals in Car rent for a wedding in Kolkata at your budget.
  • Old vehicles are less reliable and might contribute to scrapping for your road trip plan altogether owing to internal failures. Our vehicles are tried and tested by supervisors thoroughly before you get in. Never run the risk of killing your excitement for a minor engine failure for example because these toys are meant to perform while you get the pleasure.

‘Because we offer you the best…’

Before our executive's face ‘Why should I hire you?' and similar questions, you would like to ask you something. Did you purchase your smartphone from the exclusive retailer or from a roadside hawker? You will probably laugh and cry out ‘retailer, off course’! Exactly our point! Reliability, credibility and ease of access are reasons worthy enough to rely on exclusive retailers while you invest on that costly cellular phone of yours. Then why settle for just any rental services which would ask you to accommodate your interests based on limited varieties and unreliable customer service?

  • Rely on our luxury car rental in Kolkata for maximum comfort, zero hassles and worry-free rides. All our vehicles are test driven before you step in, so there are zero possibilities of internal failures.
  • Immerse yourself completely in a superior driving experience right after you get in. Unlike traditional car rental services, we despise messing with your privacy. Rather we would be happy to serve you with all the amenities the vehicles has in store.
  • No hidden charges or additional costs. We maintain a strict pricing strategy which is transparent, competitive and does not burn a huge hole in your pockets.
  • Our huge fleet of luxury vehicles is available anytime, anywhere and for every occasion that requires you to push your limits. Never settle for a compromise while you are willing to enjoy a comfy ride down to your destination.
  • Our market research claims that there has been an unprecedented rise in demand for Luxury car rental Kolkata, West Bengal. In a metropolitan city, keeping up with the sophistication of a high life is uniquely essential. So we present you a pretty large fleet of vehicles depending on your budget. Spend as low as 11,500 INR for a Mercedes and you own it for 10 hours (minimum).

How should I book a travel?

Traditional car rental service providers require their potential customers to make numerous phone calls to know about availability/rates. We value your time more than anything else. Our online booking facilities ease the booking process. In case the BMW you are asking for is pre-booked or is unavailable, you are still left with loads of options to choose from. Audi, Jaguar, Merc, you ask for it, it has already left its stable heading for your location! But what if it’s out of my budget? Apart from providing luxury car rental in Kolkata, we have secondary car renting options open for you. Stop worrying if you are on a budget and it’s a trip that you won’t wish to miss. For a family of four, we have some exquisite range of sedans/SUVs that cater to your needs especially if you are on a budget. Stop staring at that Audi, contact our executives and make room for your luxury appeal.

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