Mandarmani (The Goa Of the East) Tours

Mandarmani is a beach resort , It is almost 180km from Kolkata Airport on the Kolkata-Digha route and just 14km from Chaulkhola . It is calm and quite beach where non can disturb you except the noise of the waves, relax, swim and enjoy the beach. You are not likely to have many visitors around and that's the beauty of this beach.

The dropping roots of The Great Banyan tree in the Botanical Garden Tours

Botanical Garden : This garden was founded by East India Company way back in 1787 by the bank of Ganges in Howrah on about 107 acres of land. This garden has about 50,000 plants and trees of 12,000 varieties. The main attraction of the garden is the Great Banyan tree. It is having the world's largest canopy of 404 m circumference. The tree is about 32 m in height and about 2880 dropping roots. The main trunk of the tree is difficult to find.

Village Tours Tours

Here you will get to see some spectacular landscapes.

The soothing environment with fresh smell of mud and greenery will surely inspire you to embrace the natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city.

The soul of India lives in its villages",declared M. K.Gandhi.

At the beginning of 20th century. According to the 2011 census of India, 68.84% of Indians live in 640,867 different villages.

The size of the village varies considerably.

Most of the villages have their own temple, mosque, or church, depending on the local religious following.

The principal occupation of the peolple here are agriculture and fishing. Apart from that you will observe the interest which they show into the making of handicrafts which gives you an insight into native bengali culture.

We take you around to meet the locals and explore the place thus creating a dissimilar experience for you to take back home.

Mayapur Tours

Mayapur is situated in the Nadia District of West Bengal and is the center for the International Sri Krishna Consciousness or Iskcon, it is the Head quarters of west Bengal, here the Chandrodaya Temple is the main attraction. There are many monks or sadhus in Mayapur ( mostly foreigners) - who have renounced the worldly pleasures and joined the Krishna movement. The most important of all however is the beautiful Iskcon Temple also known as Sri Chaitanya Candrodaya Temple that attracts thousands of devotes and tourists from different parts of India and world. The temple has a statue of Lord Radha Krishna along with the eight gopis. Mayapur is a vegetarian, non-smoking and non-drinking town.

Tours Outside The City
Sundarbans: The Amazon of India

Break free from the commotion of the busy life to embrace the tranquillity of nature. Treat yourself with the serenity of nature amidst the magnificent flora and fauna of Sundarbans.

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