We would like to tell our guests...

While visiting someone's house in Kolkata, you may have to take off your shoes before entering. Footwear should never be worn in most Indian places of worship. Separate footwear only for the faq home is used in most of the houses.

While entering a shrine, a mosque, a temple or a Gurudwara one should cover the head and body should be exposed to the minimum.

Sweets or offerings at the temple are distributed among pilgrims & visitors, if you are apprehensive in having them then please don't receive them. Discarding or disposing them in the bins can hurt the religious sentiments of the people.

We recommend our guests to avoid street food and always drink only mineral water or aerated drinks.

You should also carry tissue papers or toilet papers since they are not available always.

Avoid the public toilets, if there is an emergency then slip into a shopping mall and you can use the washroom.

Watch your steps while you are walking through the city, you will find manholes without covers, the municipality replaces them very often however they are robbed again.

Be very careful when you are giving alms to beggars because you might be mobbed while giving alms to the beggars, indirectly you are also encouraging begging by giving alms. If you really want to help the poor then you can visit the orphanage or old age homes and donate.

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